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Making sustainable local meat choices more available.

We are Oahu’s #1 retailer of 100% Grass-Fed Local Beef, Mountain View Pork, Punachicks Big Island Chicken, Wild Maui Nui Venison, and Big Island Lamb, Goat, and Wild Boar. At Forage Hawaii, we are dedicated to supporting local farmers that believe in sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Eating local, grass fed and pasture raised animals is not only better for the environment, it’s better for overall human health and wellness.


Obtaining optimal health is one of the primary missions of Forage Hawaii. We believe a diet that includes nutrient dense, nose-to-tail, high-quality meat/seafood is essential prime human health.


The humane treatment and respect for an animal’s life is of the utmost importance to Forage Hawaii. We only source ethically treated animals, raised in low stress environments, from ranchers and farmers who have a profound respect for their animals and choose humane slaughter.


At Forage Hawaii we support local farmers, ranchers, and hunters that are dedicated to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Therefore, reducing our reliance on imported food, increasing our food security, and lessening our carbon footprint.

How it Works

Order Online or Walk Up

Forage Hawaii is proud to offer locally and sustainably raised local meats sourced from farms concerned about animal welfare and the environment. We make purchasing easy! You can walk up to either of our farmer’s market booths or warehouse and choose from our selection, or simply browse our current inventory in our online store and order ahead for pick up.

Pick Up and Delivery Options

Ordering ahead gives you the best selection of our often limited cuts. In our online store, choose the pick up location that works best for you, or choose shipping within Hawaii on orders of $200 or more. (shipping is same day fed ex on Wednesdays) Check out our locations page for more information on where you can pick up or find our products.


It is truly one of our goals to make sustainable local meat choices more available. With the click of a few buttons, you can get premium Hawaiian meats that you and your family can enjoy together. Thank you for supporting local agriculture and food security by purchasing from Forage Hawaii!